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Eric expoits
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Friday, March 24th, 2006
6:37 am
people suck
Well today I went to look at a post I left on a message board. It was about some exciting news I had on a class I was going to be putting on for some young under privladged kids. But they also wanted a Performer I don't really perform so I just told them I would look for one.
I posted I was looking for a proformer which is a miss spelling of the word. I only got one response that was not them makeing fun of me. I can't spell well, and I know I can't. But people feel it is their jobs to point out how bad at it I am. Now normaly I don't care when people jab at me. But I have not worked on anything as hard or as long as I have worked on trying to figure out how to spell and read well. I just can't. I can do alot of stuff. but I can't spell well at all. and I try all the time. and I learn and figure out ways to remember how to spell stuff. but it is along road. and I am only at the begining. And then on top of it all. the one response I got was saying to ask the first person that started makeing fun of me to get some yoyo's for the show. So now I am dead in the water. Oh well I guess. but it hurts alot and I don't know why.
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
10:08 pm
Nat's 2005
Ok well I went to the national yoyo compation over the weekend. It was great. I had a great time.
Thanks to all of you who maid it special. Kyo, Greg, Jack, Josh, Takeshi, Drew, Doc, Thad, Seth & Seth, Spencer, and everyone I can't think of right now. You all rock so much.
Sadly I missed the after nats party at the hotel. I will have to make sure I don't do that next year.
I got some stuff at nats. too. here are some pics..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And some of thses.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The blisters are thanks to a new bolt and a new Takeshi cilcone response FHZ. I couldn't put them down lol..
Anyhow to be short. I love you all. thanks for welcomeing me into the comunity.
Eric.. schnayke for short.
Oh ya'. don't do drugs kid's or you will end up like extacy chick. hehe
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
5:59 pm
Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
4:03 pm
ok check this out. you know the band Neurosis. Well I work with the lead singer and guitarest. Scott kelly. I have knowen and hung out with this guy for like four years and somehow didn't relize that these people where the same people. lol
Well he is a cool dude and all.
And if you guys have not herd that stuff.
Here is a link to a page that you can buy a copy of an album.
Well that is scott's page. but on there under media you can buys one.
suport these great artest.
eric......... Schnayke for short.
2:49 pm
Check this fucking fucked up shit these fucking fuckers did.


Eric......... Schnayke for short.
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
5:48 pm
Well today was ok so far. We when shopping and got lots of good food. Kris is probley makeing me cookies right now. mmmmmmm
Chocolet chips. I get of a half an hour earlyer now.
That is about it, for the good stuff.
I have been tired all day and I got a snake from the machince only to find out that it was moldy after takeing the first bite. yuk!
Anyways that is my stupid update.
Eric........ Schnayke for short.
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
7:55 pm
Stupid up date.
Well I am at work done and bored.
Here is my update from what has happend since last time.
Ummmmm.... Nothing really.
I got some new yoyo's. I am really into 4A, 5A, and 9A right now.
My bike is my main form of transportation. Not that I don't have a car but the gas is to spendy for me to waste it on something I don't need to.
Besides it is on the way out. And it is what makes 1/3rd of my money. Without it we would be dead in the water.
My house that I live in is getting shityer and shityer every day. Now my bathroom door is messed up. one of the doors on the cupboard fell off. and the house just generaly is to small for both me and kris. Not to mention my five snakes and three geckos.

Me and kris are doing great. I love her with all my heart and more.
That is about it for now.
Happy now gerdi. lol
I will get to the real update someday I sware.
Eric.......... Schnayke for short.
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
7:12 pm
Another day.
My life is like sorting though a pile of hay.
I will work intell my hair turns grey.
So I will have to just spray and spray.
Intell my dull days go away.
Intell the picture of my life is in one place to stay.
But, Like a tag on a wall my life will be painted over.
Tilded into the ground and maid new.
If I just had a few, moments I could make a statue.
a figure of my life.
A place for my accomplishments have manafested them selfs.
My accomplushments are day to day.
They leave no mark.
How is one to know I ever existed, if one didn't know me?
Should I weigh my self worth on lasting impressions in the realm?
Do I strike out in a bold new direction to improve humanity?
Is it all worth it?
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
4:28 pm
Well it is my friday and it kinda' sux. It cost me 20 bucks because my nabor moved out.
My yoyos didn't come and for some reason this is all getting me depressed. I think I am over worked. I need some rest.
any body have a good paying job they want to give me? I am a hard worker and very diligent when I am at work.
Anyhow I gota'run. work is about to start for the last time today. atleast that is good.
see ya'.
eric.... Schnayke for short.
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
1:14 am
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How did He know.????? lol

Eric............ Schnayke for short.
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
5:22 pm
I smell this smell.
It is a terible smell that I smell.
Life can be so fragil, and disapear so fast.
Gone with one last terible smell.
Life is like a cell.
two walls of course but none the same.
U can't go anywhere with out dieing.
the two walls keep U in line.
U have birth and then death.
U can't hang posters on them to make U forget they are there.
No buitifying them.
It is bad. like this smell.
I just can't tell. What this smell i smell is.
Is it the end of a life?
Is it a terible travasty?
Did this life end because of a vast need for this sole in another life?
These are questions that may not be anwserd in this life time.
I know it is a bad smell.
I have to smell.
I have to be aware of death.
And so it makes me feel aware of my own mortality.
this smell i smell.
What the hell. is death suposed to remind U of life.
or to be more accurate, remide U of how short life is.
Like is that its biz.
let your brain fiz on that.

Eric......... Schnayke for short.
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
7:00 pm
Don't read if u get affended easly.
Ok so don't read past this line if U don't want to know what I am bout to present...

Ok so I have two horrible jokes. I feel like they need to be writen down.

So the first one gos.
Q/What does 90 year old pussy taste like....
A/Depends (shrugs)

And This guy go's down to the local ho house and asks to see the biggest blackest hore they have.
So he is dirrected to this girl that is truly the biggest blackest hore he had ever seen.
Anyhow he tells her to spred'em. and then he go's about looking at her hoohaa and standing there contomplating.
After a few minutes he says that he is done and go's to leave.
The hore is like, that is all U wanted to do. U are wasting my time..
His reply was well I just painted my house black and was wondering if it would look good with pink shutters...

I know horrible huh.. My friends where having a bad joke day today.
Eric.... Schnayke for short.
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
6:25 pm
OMG I was just on the chat board at the glasslab and they posted the link for the numa guy.
For those of U who have not had the pleasure of seeing this truly unik proformance U must watch.
Have fun.
Eric.. Schnayke for short.
1:21 pm
Well I am at work yet again.
I never seem to be not at work. I eat sleep and shit work. it is fucked up. lol
Anyhow I am going to be preforming in a show later this summer. I get to display all my talents. I will be getting a video of it I hope.. Then all of U can download it and watch me rule the day.. lol
I have to come up with like close to two hours of pure amazment. I will let my self do no less.
So anyhow I am going to go and work on some tricks.. see ya'
ERic......... Schnayke for short.
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
6:47 pm
krisgoat is this anime carictor.
happy girl
You are a happy anime girl.You are carefree and are
always happy even through the toughest times
you manage to stay happy and you always think
happy thoughts.You are very popular and are
cared for a bunch.You are a good friend and you
can cheer people up in an instant.You can fool
around but be serious at times.Ok umm You are
probably always hyper and jumping off of the
walls.You also love everybody and everything^_^
bada bop bop bah i'm loving it.

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
brought to you by Quizilla

Eric...... Schnayke for short.
Monday, March 28th, 2005
5:44 pm

I find my solace in U.
U always react the way U are suposed to.
Sometimes it is not the way I want U to.
My fingers ache in a good way.
Peoples faces gauck in a nice way.
Lil' kids addmire in a respectful way.
This is how ever not the reason I do this.
The simple pleasure of doing somthing that builds your mind.
Sharpning your skills, for a unknowen reason.
Not here.
I do it for the peace that grows inside.
I do it beacuse I feel power when letting go of my concence and allow it to amaze.
Doing things like this for your self, That is true peace.
I know know one to impress.
I am part of no group.
I don't compete.
I gain nothing from doing what I enjoy so much.
I don't plan on doing anything ether.
Because if I yoed for a living what would I do for fun..
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
4:53 pm
New mods for me.
Well I modded some yo's today. One was a proyo, and the other a profly.
So What I did in a nut shell is put in weight rings.. It worked out smooth. I started out going to the hardware store in search of weight rings like the ones in my FH2 But found a way better option, Well at least I think so.
So they are in the pluming department. It is a gasket for a water valve of some sort. I have seen them before lots of time. Here is what U need for this mod. (Note U need glue to add the inner weight rings in the profly.) This is a no glue project, no cut project. It all snaps into place and fits perect when done.

This is what U need. I don't have the name of these rings or the sizes unfortunently. They where all marked wakey. How ever they are all in the same section in most stores around here so that is good. It all should be in the same spot
It is four smaller rubber rings, four larger and skinner Rubber rings, Two plastic Rings, and a icecream sunday. ;0p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So U take the caps off the yo. and basicly disasemble the yo. And add the larger rubber rings to the inner part of the plastic Rings. 2 on each. Eat some ice cream.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then add the plastic rings to the yo. (For profly no glue putogether it is done. Put the yo together and play.) For the glue part of the pro fly U have to take the plastic rings, and put them upside down.(flat round part down.) Put the smaller black rings in one on top of the other. With a lil' bit of glue on the sides of them. Let dry and then put the plastic rings in. U will be at the next step.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here is the finished product. For the profly.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Picture of the profly in action. (No inner weight rings)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ok so here U put the two black rings in the proyo, on each side. One on top of the other. They should stay in perfect. Mine have not buged. No glue needed.
Here is a pic.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And now it in action..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well I hope this made since. If U glue the weight rings together for the glue in process in the profly U can add them to FH2's and Throw Monkey's. Hope U like it. It is perty cool I think..
Works well.
Eric......... SChnayke for short.
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
1:10 pm
Well here I am at work yet again. So much work and so lil' fun.
Anyhow it is getting close to my birthday. It is also the luvly krisgoats birthday as well.
One week from today.
Well i learned pink hippo finly but can't do it well. Maybe 1 in 10.
I learned white budda', and a cool laceration trick this week.
I am going to work on getting better and better. White budda' is my favorite trick.
So now I know more then I did a few months ago. I still have no idea how my progress is going.
I can't seem to find out how to figure out if I am behind the norm or above the norm.
I guess all that matters is that I am trying and learning. I will be better some day.
Anyhow I am going to lunch in few and Well that is that.
Eric...... Schnayke for short.
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
6:05 pm
Well here I sit at work again. Man work is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. I hate it so much..
I need to move on from this job. It has served me well but I need more money and less work. Sooo if anybody needs a highly motivated worker chime up.
I would like to get a job teaching some sorta' juggling skill. or somthing along those lines. But there just is not that many jobs out there for that. I like to work constently but not really really hard.
My job is up and down and it kills me. I work harder then anybody should have to for like two hours then I just sit around and do nothing. Then back to working to darn hard again...
Ahhhhh lol
Anyhow I am bitching for no reason. Kris is bringing me a sandwich and some phyto biotic for my cold.
My lungs are feeling better but I feel kinda' sick to my tum tum..
I hope the food will help.
Anyhow I gota' go and see if the people are out of my way so I can work way to hard again.
See ya' all later.
Eric.......... Schnayke for short...
Monday, March 14th, 2005
5:37 am
Monday is not a fun day for me..
U see I gota' set free,
The want to be.
I have to settle my sole.
tare it in two and make it not hole.
Make my broken body move.
I have to keep it motivated.
There is no time to be inovative.
I feel like I am segrogated.
12 hour days.
Put me in a haze.
Makes my sole pay.
But what can I say.
It costs to stay.
But what can I say.
This is the price I pay.
But what can I say.
Here comes another day.
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